Breaking : Jaish-ul-Hind takes responsibility for blast outside Israeli embassy

New Delhi: A terrorist organization has claimed responsibility for the attack in the Israeli embassy in the national capital on Friday.

However, the investigating agencies are not convinced about this claim. According to the information received, a terrorist organization named Jaish-ul-Hind claimed responsibility for the attack in front of the Israeli embassy in Delhi. Allegedly, it is claimed to be confirmed through the message of the messaging app Telegram.

This message says- “With the grace and help of Almighty Allah, the soldiers of Jaish-ul-Hind were able to infiltrate a high security area of Delhi and carry out the IED attack. This is the beginning of attacks targeting major Indian cities. It will avenge the atrocities committed by the Indian government.”

Security has been increased by the Delhi Police after the blast outside the Israeli embassy.

At the same time, after the minor IED blast near the Israeli embassy in Delhi, the explosives used for the blast were investigated twice. Sources said that investigations revealed that high grade military exploitable PETN (pentaerythritol tetranitrate) was found in the device.

Officials speculate that explosives of this grade are likely to be available to trained groups such as al-Qaeda. An ISIS group also claimed responsibility for the attack but the agencies are not convinced about their involvement. A flight to Iran was also delayed last night after the blast and all passengers were investigated but nothing suspicious was found.

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