Big News : Corona Negative Report mandatory to enter Delhi

New Delhi : Delhi Disaster Management Department (DDMA) has also made it mandatory for those coming to Delhi from Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Kerala, Chhattisgarh and Punjab to show RT-PCR Negative Report. The new rule will come into force from midnight on 26 February, and will remain in force till 12 noon on 15 March. In view of the increasing cases of Coronavirus infections in these five states of the country, many state governments have started taking tough measures.

The report of every person coming to Delhi from these five states should not be more than 72 hours old. That is, if you are coming to Delhi from these states, then in any case your report should be negative. Even if you have a negative report before 72 hours, your entry will not be allowed in Delhi or you can be quarantined. Delhi Disaster Management Department is going to issue orders in this regard.

The rules will apply to the people of these five states
Significantly, cases of corona are increasing rapidly in Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Kerala, Chhattisgarh and Punjab. On Tuesday, 86 percent of the corona cases reported in the country have come from these states. These states have also taken several decisions in view of the growing cases of Corona. The Maharashtra government has implemented many stringent rules regarding the growing cases of Corona. If the corona case is not controlled within seven days in Maharashtra, the state government can take tough decisions.

Ticket or boarding pass only after negative report
According to Delhi government sources, the nodal incharge of these five states has been asked to check the negative report before allowing the passengers to enter Delhi. Issue of a ticket or boarding pass will be done only if the report is negative. The new rule will come into effect from Friday midnight on February 26 and will continue to apply till 12 March 15.

Overall, these five states have increased the concern of other states as well. The concern of the Health Ministry has also increased due to the fact that due to these states, corona cases may increase in other states. Therefore, in the next few days, many guidelines can be issued regarding railway and flight services as well as public transport.

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