Be careful! Diwali is near & Corona infection can spread rapidly due to air pollution

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New Delhi : The rate of spread of coronavirus infection may increase due to air pollution, as it increases the incidence of sneezing and coughing.

In addition, Diwali is near and firecrackers can cause more air pollution.
According to sources, the possibility of this was revealed by government officials of several departments in front of a parliamentary committee on Friday.

According to sources, the Central Parliamentary and Health Ministries and top officials of Delhi, Haryana and Punjab state governments appeared before the Standing Parliamentary Committee on Urban Development.

During this period, efforts were made to find a permanent solution to air pollution in the national capital and surrounding areas. Officials of the Central Pollution Control Board and several other departments also presented their views on the problem of air pollution.

In front of the parliamentary committee, central government officials expressed concern over the danger of the rate of spread of Covid-19 due to air pollution. The Ministry of Health said in its presentation, more air pollution leads to cases of coughing and sneezing, causing the Covid-19 to spread faster. The virus that spreads in the air during coughing and sneezing can reach far away by sticking to the fine dust particles already present due to pollution and remain active for a longer time.

The Ministry of Health also cited the Lancet study for this and said, “The average rate of life expectancy due to air pollution in India is 1.7 years. The risk of respiratory diseases and breathing problems in Delhi is 1.7 times higher and 10 to 30 thousand deaths are recorded every year due to air pollution.

Delhiites take clean air for only four days in a year
The environment ministry introduced air quality details in Delhi during the four years between 2016 and 2019. According to the ministry, the air quality in the national capital during this period was just four days every year, while 319 days the quality level was very poor. During this time 78 days remain when the air quality reaches a critical level.

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