Hathras Case : Action on AMU doctors for questioning FSL report, fired

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Lucknow : A doctor of Aligarh Muslim University (AMU), Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College, who earlier this month said in the Hathras case that the FSL report of the victim does not matter, has been fired from his duty. Apart from Dr. Azeem Malik, a similar letter has been issued by the hospital to another doctor Obaid Haque. Dr. Haque had attested the medico-legal report of the victim.

According to the media report, Uttar Pradesh ADG (Law and Order) Prashant Kumar had said that the 19-year-old victim was not raped. Dr. Haque said that the victim’s forensic samples were taken after eleven days, while the government guidelines strictly say that forensic evidence can be found within 96 hours. This report cannot confirm the rape in the case. On Tuesday morning, Dr. Malik and Dr. Haque received the signed letters of CMO in-charge Dr. SAH Zaidi.

You are requested not to continue duty
The letter stated that it is to inform you that your appointment to the post of Medical Officer Emergency and Trauma, JNMCH is dismissed with immediate effect, based on a conversation held by Honorable Vice Chancellor Professor Tariq Mansoor at 11:14 am on October 20, 2020, so you are requested to not continue your duty. However, the AMU administration has said that they have not suspended any doctors in relation to the incident of Hathras. The posts were vacant here two months ago as the current CMO was on leave at that time. Dr. Malik and Dr. Haque were appointed to these positions as an emergency. Now the CMOs are back, so there is no need to appoint them.

According to the report, the AMU administration said on this matter on Tuesday evening that it has been learned that the doctors are not happy with this decision, in such a situation the administration is looking into the matter. Doctors may be accommodated elsewhere in the hospital. On behalf of the AMU Public Relations Department, it has been said that both doctors worked during the CMO holiday. In such a situation, their terms expired on 8 October. If CMOs recommend this, then their services can be expanded.

Last salary was received in August
At the same time, Dr. Haque said that I was last paid in August. Our seniors were not good, which is why we were hired. At that time, we were asked to join immediately. We worked during Corona’s risk and put our lives in danger. Despite this, our services were terminated because Dr. Malik talked to the media. They think I leaked the information. I do not know why I am being targeted. I came to know three days ago that my job would be rejected. Still no written statement has come from the chancellor in this regard. It is sad, we have not done wrong.

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