PM Narendra Modi Shared His Net Worth Details, Became Richer Than Last Year

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New Delhi : Everyone must be curious to know what is the annual income of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and how much money he has deposited in his bank account. Like every year, this year also PM Modi has given information about his assets and liabilities.

Like most Indians, he saves his money through savings accounts and fixed deposits with banks. This has been reported by him in the latest declaration of assets and liabilities. In such a situation, let us tell you how much the income of PM Modi has increased.

PM Modi’s movable assets rose 26.26 per cent to Rs 1,75,63,618 from Rs 1,39,10,260 in the last financial year. PM Modi’s movable assets have increased by Rs 36.53 lakh in the last 15 months. The latest information about PM Modi’s assets has been shared by himself, on October 12, he has revealed his financial position as of June 30. This increase in PM Modi’s assets has come through his savings of his salary and interest on fixed deposits. Government employees and ministers often save their money in this manner.

There is almost no change in Prime Minister Modi’s fixed assets. The PM has listed the plot and house worth Rs 1.1 crore in Gandhinagar. He owns a part of it along with his family. PM Modi’s salary is two lakh rupees, which is much lower than the global level. In view of the economy affected by the Coronavirus, PM Modi has accepted a 30 per cent reduction in his salary along with the President, Vice President, Cabinet members and MPs. It started in the month of April.

The balance of the Prime Minister’s savings account as on 31 March 2019 was Rs 3.38 lakh. He had cash of Rs 31,450 at the end of June. His fixed deposits in the Gandhinagar branch of State Bank of India increased to Rs 1,60,28,039 as on June 30, 2020, from Rs 1,27,81,574 in the previous financial year. These numbers correspond to his affidavit filed before the Lok Sabha elections last year, which listed movable assets worth Rs 1.41 crore including Rs 1.27 crore in deposits.

The Prime Minister has no liabilities and does not own a car. He has four gold rings. He saves taxes through a National Savings Certificate of Rs 8,43,124 and pays a premium of Rs 1,50,957 for his life insurance.

In FY 2019-20, the Prime Minister had Rs 7,61,646 of National Savings Certificate and paid Rs 1,90,347 as life insurance premium. The infrastructure bond purchased by PM Modi for Rs 20,000 in January 2012 has not yet reached its completion.

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