Does Your Child Scream Or Tremble While Sleeping? This Can Be The Dangerous Situation Of ‘Night Terror’

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Mumbai : If your child also murmurs, screams or trembles while sleeping then it can be the night terror or sleep terror. Night terrors usually occur in the early hours of sleep, when the child does not go into deep sleep. This is why the child is partially awake during the night time night terror. A child may scream, cry, or take violent action, such as hitting his hands and feet vigorously. At such times he is partially awake, but does not respond. They are in a panic situation but surprisingly they will not remember anything after waking up. Like how dreams cannot be remembered, the same happens in the night terror.

Some people consider Night Terror and nightmares to be the same but these two are different. Night Terror is not limited to nightmares. Usually when children wake up fearing or crying after having nightmares, they also fall asleep after a while. While Night Terror is more scary than Nightmare. Child shouts loudly with violent action due to night terror. This frequent occurrence indicates poor health of the child, so if your child is also struggling with this problem, then you should help him with some measures. Let’s first know what is Night Terror and what are the symptoms and remedies of it.

Here are some common causes of night terrors in children or fear of sleep at night :

  • To see something scary or nightmares
  • Tension
  • Fatigue
  • Medicine

These are common causes but the problem can be deep, which prevents the child’s brain from going into deep sleep.

Such reasons are :

  • Fever or high body temperature, which may interfere with brain functions. In such a situation, children are not able to sleep, it often happens even when children have high fever.
  • A full bladder can cause sleep disturbances and cause night terrors.
  • Noise or poor lighting, which does not allow the child to sleep peacefully, can also be the reason for night terror. Therefore, in order to protect children from night terrors, parents should make it a habit for children to sleep without any noise and light.

With these signs, you can identify or check the night terror in the child :

  • Scared and weird expressions
  • Shouting, screaming and crying badly
  • Fast breathing and excessive sweating
  • Aggressive shaking of body parts
  • Ignoring everyone even with eyes open
  • walk in sleep

Tips for prevention of Night Terror
Here are some tips for parents to deal with the Night Terror :

  • In most cases, children fall asleep soon after experiencing the night terror. Even if it does not, do not try to awaken the child. This is because his mind is still in an unstable state and this can complicate the situation. Allow the child to wake up on its own.
  • After Terror or shouting, you know that child is scared. In such a situation, you should wake the child and comfort him. You should hug him and make him feel relaxed, it will make him feel safe. Try to put him to sleep.
  • Keep the light of his room low. You can use night lamps with dream lights to help the child.
  • Keep the child’s sleeping environment quiet.
  • Make the child urinate before bedtime so that his bladder is not filled.
  • Do not let the baby sleep with an empty stomach. Feed him something before bedtime.
  • Try to create a bedtime routine with story-reading to help the child get a peaceful sleep.

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