Two arrested in Unnao case, Accused only wanted to kill Ragini

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Unnao : Police have arrested two youths in the case of poisoning two girls in Unnao. According to sources, in Unnao case, Vinay Kumar alias Lambu has been arrested by the police along with his minor friend.

Police said that Lambu was in one sided love with one of the three girls Ragini (Roshni). His farm is next to Ragini’s farm. Many times Lumbu proposed to Ragini but she refused. Angered Lumbu planned to kill her. He only wanted to kill Ragini. But Kajal and Komal died. Ragini is being treated in Kanpur.

Both the accused hail from Pathakpur, a village next to Babrala. As usual, Ragini, Kajal and Komal were doing work in the field. Lambu reached there with his minor friend of the village. He took a bottle of water with a pesticide dissolved in water. He ordered the chips from the shop with Raju’s help. Lumbu fed them chips. Then Ragini asked for water and Lumbu handed her a bottle of poisoned water.

Ragini drank the water and gave the bottle to Kajal. Komal drank water after taking a bottle from Kajal. All three fainted shortly after. Lumbu and Raju absconded as soon as the trio fainted. Komal and Kajal died in the incident while Ragini is being treated in Kanpur.

Disclosing the case, the IG said that the Surveillance and SWAT team arrested the accused near Pathakpur Turning on the inputs of the informer. The names of both the accused have been written in a report written by Suraj Rawat. The IG reported that Lumbu only wanted to kill Ragini. He had no displeasure with Kajal and Komal.

Police had found an important clue on Friday morning. The forensic team had received a packet of chips from the spot. After smelling this packet, the sniffer dog was repeatedly going towards a shop. Chips were purchased from this shop. When the police investigated this angle, the case was solved. Police seized chips and packets of namkeen from the shop.

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