Why farmers’ protest and the Jat blowback increases BJP’s tension in Uttar Pradesh?

New Delhi : Seeing no solution to the peasant movement, the problems of BJP have started increasing with the Khap Panchayats being held in western Uttar Pradesh. The state has panchayat elections in the month of April. Also, assembly elections are to be held after one year. In such a situation, the environment of western Uttar Pradesh can prove to be harmful for them. Especially the resentment of the Jat community, which has been standing mostly with the BJP in the last years.

There is currently no solution to the peasant movement. Both the government and farmer organizations are adamant on their stand. The problems of the BJP grew more when the Uttar Pradesh government announced to vacate the Ghazipur border and set up a huge police force. The solidarity of Khap panchayats also increased and RLD leader Chaudhary Ajit Singh also became active. Seeing the growing displeasure of the Jat community, the BJP has also become active.

BJP leaders in western Uttar Pradesh have extended their connectivity to every village. According to sources, locally co-organization ministers Karmaveer, Pankaj Singh and other leaders are explaining to the people that this government is not against the farmers. He is also trying to clear up confusion about farmer laws. The state government ministers will also go among the people and try to explain by communicating with the people on the chaupals.

The BJP is more concerned about the upcoming panchayat elections, in which the current situation may cause damage. Several prominent BJP leaders, including Deputy Chief Minister Keshav Prasad Maurya, have also been given the responsibility of West Bengal elections. Those elections are also to be held in April. In such a situation, the problems of BJP can increase. Also, opposition parties can get a chance to establish their roots, which can also have an impact on next year’s assembly elections.

Significantly, there are 44 assembly seats in western Uttar Pradesh out of which about 20 seats, the Jat community decides win or defeat. In the last assembly election, BJP got 41 percent votes in the state, in which it got about 44 percent votes in western Uttar Pradesh. Also, it can have an impact on Uttarakhand. Assembly elections are to be held there too along with Uttar Pradesh.

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