Babri Masjid litigant Iqbal Ansari will also donate for Ram Mandir construction

Ayodhya : The construction of the Ram temple is actually the construction of the Rashtra Mandir. Mo. This truth is being well defined by Iqbal’s stand. Iqbal’s father Hashim Ansari has been synonymous with the Babri Masjid claim. Iqbal has also been a court litigant of the mosque. However, with the Supreme Court verdict coming on November 9, 2019, he talked of harmony leaving the dispute behind. In the same sequence, he announced the donation of funds for the construction of the temple on the occasion of the beginning of the fund dedication campaign for the construction of the Ram temple. He said that people should not get involved in religious disputes.

The dispute is over and now the temple of Shri Ram is being built, everyone should cooperate in the construction of this temple. Donating to each other reduces trouble. This is not the first time Iqbal has come forward as a messenger of harmony. Harmony is in Iqbal’s DNA. His father Hashim Ansari also agreed to end the temple-mosque dispute with mutual consent. He became active in this direction before the High Court’s decision in September 2010.

He was the first prominent Muslim leader to say that whatever the verdict came, it would be acceptable. He also spread the fragrance of harmony by saying that Ramlala’s stay in the temple of tents is unbearable for him and this issue should be settled at the earliest. Hashim fighting for this died on 20 July 2016, but left behind a strong legacy. In his absence, his son Iqbal Ansari accepted Babri Masjid’s advocacy, but he was never a hard liner.

Ramjanmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra Trust also respected his feelings and Iqbal Ansari was one of the selected two hundred people of the country who were invited to the Bhoomi Pujan ceremony of Ram temple at the hands of Prime Minister Narendra Modi on August 5 last year.

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