Coronavirus vaccine : Children, expecting mothers & lactating women won’t get COVID19 vaccine

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New Delhi : The central government has asked states not to vaccinate children, pregnant and lactating women. With this, changes in the vaccine will not be allowed. The Ministry of Health on Thursday issued necessary guidelines to the states. It said that the emergency use of the vaccine has been allowed only for people above 18 years of age. Children will not be vaccinated at all.

Pregnant women and lactating women also will not be given the vaccine because both the pregnant and lactating women were not included in the trial of different stages of both vaccines. A letter written to the states by Manohar Agnani, Additional Secretary, Ministry of Health, has given strict instructions not to change the vaccine.

The letter said that for the first time, the company whose vaccine has been given, in the second dose too, the person will be given the vaccine of the same company. An interval of at least 14 days has to be maintained between the two vaccines. The letter gives information about the characteristics of both vaccines and also the small problems that occur after being vaccinated. The letter has asked to bring this information down so that the employees engaged in vaccination work will be able to deal with every kind of situation.

Before giving the vaccine, people have been instructed to share their proper medical history. Those who have any kind of allergy have been told to take precautions before getting the vaccine. Those who have been given anti-SARS monoclonal antibodies or given plasma in the treatment of SARS or corona, who have been hospitalised due to a disease or have been ill, will be vaccinated four to eight weeks after their recovery. If a person has any problems after getting vaccinated, it has been advised to give paracetamol.

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