Terrorists are born in madrasas : Disputed statement of MP Minister Usha Thakur

Bhopal : Usha Thakur, a minister in the Madhya Pradesh government, has given a controversial statement. On Tuesday in Indore, Usha Thakur said that all terrorists are born in madrasas. Madrasas converted Jammu and Kashmir into a terrorist factory. Madrasas who cannot follow nationalism should be merged with the existing education system.

Minister Usha Thakur appealed to the government to stop the madrasas running at government expense. Usha Thakur said that fundamentalists and terrorists are born in these madrasas. She also cited terrorism of Jammu and Kashmir and also said that the Waqf Board is a strong institution in itself, so its governmental help should be stopped.

Minister Usha Thakur said that students are the same. Fundamentalism is growing and religion-based education is spreading. The Waqf Board is a competent institution. Government help of madrasas should also be stopped. If anyone wants to donate to a religious institution in private, then our constitution gives exemption for that.

Taking a dig at former Chief Minister Kamal Nath, Cabinet Minister Usha Thakur said that when the 15-month government of lie was in power, 10 percent tax was levied on temples and Rs 5,000 was given to Maulvis and Imams from the state treasury, on this, the public will reply on November 3.

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