Here’re 5 things you should NEVER do after having sex

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Mumbai : Sex builds a trust and beautiful relationship between the two partners. It is a need of every human. But, incomplete knowledge of sex and small things related to it can cause many problems for both. Therefore, even after a good orgasm on the bed, you should take care of some things so that your intimate relationship remains healthy.

Never do these 5 things at all after sex –
Do not stop urin –
Do not make the mistake of stopping urination after having sex. You must urinate especially after making a relationship. It is advisable to do this because bacteria and germs come out through the urine and there is no risk of UTI.

Do not wear undergarments –
If you are thinking of getting a good sleep after sex, then do not sleep wearing lingerie. Many benefits of sleeping without clothes at night have been mentioned by experts. Many times the wetting of the private part reacts with the body cloth which becomes the cause of infection.

Do not apply soap –
Many women prefer to take a bath after sexual intercourse. But during this time, do not use soap in your vaginal area. By doing this, the natural moisture level of your private part gets affected, which later causes infection.

Do not take bath with too much hot water –
Taking a bath after having a physical relationship is a good option but avoid using too much hot water. This can harm vagina and increase the risk of infection.

Do not use wet wipes –
Many people do not feel like getting out of bed after sex. In such a situation, women clean their private parts with wet wipes. You are advised to avoid this as these wet wipes contain chemicals and are not at all safe for sensitive places like your private part.

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