31% of Gujaratis suffer from diabetes, 37% from hypertension

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Ahmedabad : According to a new report by the National Family Health Survey, 33 men and 30 per cent women in Gujarat suffer from diabetes. The problem is more prevalent in urban areas than in rural areas. The percentage of people who have high sugar or are taking medication for sugar control. While 37% of women and 38% of men suffer from the problem of hyper pension. The number of people taking medication for hypertension is also high. A survey of individuals over the age of 15 revealed these details.

5 percent of young women become mothers at an early age
According to the significant details that came out in the survey, the sex ratio has increased from 950 to 965 in 2819-20 as compared to the 2015-16 survey. 97% of the people have access to electricity and water. In case of sanitation, the percentage is only 74 per cent. 22% of young women and 28% of young men get married earlier than the age of marriage. 5% of young women become mothers at the age of 15-19 or become pregnant.

Report prepared on the basis of 5 months survey
The survey was conducted in Gujarat from 23 June 2019 to 30 November 2019 by the Center for Operations Research and Training and Training Research Foundation. For this 29,368 houses were visited. Data were obtained from 33,343 women and 5,351 men during this period. All the information in this regard has been extracted separately for each district. So that health care can be improved in the future.

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