Use cumin seeds like this every day, With rapid weight loss, stomach fat will also reduce

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Mumbai : Constantly doing office work by sitting in one place and then, after eating food, do not walk even a little bit, due to all these habits, the weight increases rapidly. With this, a large amount of fat accumulates in the stomach. In today’s time, every fourth person is troubled of obesity. To reduce weight, we adopt many measures. But can’t maintain as per the wish. In such a situation, if you want to use cumin in your diet, you can easily reduce weight to a great extent.

Cumin contains many elements such as vitamin C, K, B1, 2, 3, E, protein, calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc, copper, iron, carbohydrates. Which along with help losing weight can save you from many diseases. Learn how to consume cumin to lose weight.

How to use cumin for weight loss –
At night, before going to bed, add 1 teaspoon cumin seeds to a glass of water and soak overnight. Boil it the next day, filter it and consume it slowly. This will reduce fat rapidly.

You can also use cumin this way –
– Add a spoonful of roasted cumin to a ripe banana and mash it. Eat it 2 times a day. This will benefit a lot.

– Soak one teaspoon of cumin seeds in clean water before going to bed. After this, eat this cumin on an empty stomach as soon as you wake up in the morning and heat this remaining water like tea and squeeze half a lemon into it and mix it with one spoon of honey and consume it.

– Ajwain (carom seeds) and cumin seeds tea is a very effective remedy to lose weight. To make it, boil a cup of water by mixing one teaspoon of cumin seeds and one teaspoon of Ajwain. When it starts to boil, strain the tea and drink it. You can also add honey or lemon to it for taste.

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