‘Who is the face of BJP in Bengal?’; ‘If needed, face will also come’, says Amit Shah

Kolkata : Union Home Minister Amit Shah is on a tour of West Bengal. Assembly elections are due in West Bengal next year. The BJP has started preparing for the defeat of TMC. The party has not opened its cards on who will be the face of BJP in Bengal. When Amit Shah was questioned on this, he said that if the need arises, the face will also come. Amit Shah said that the people of Bengal are in a hurry to contest. The people of Bengal have faith in PM Modi.

Amit Shah said that BJP workers have been tortured in Bengal. People of Bengal more than political parties are in a hurry to change power in Bengal. Amit Shah said that in the next assembly elections, BJP will form the government in West Bengal with a two-third majority. At the same time, the BJP’s face will also be revealed in the Bengal elections.

The former BJP president said that during the Corona era I did not rally, meetings were held in the hall. If people come on the road, then neither I or Mamta Banerjee’s government can stop it.

At the same time, in the assembly elections in Bihar, Amit Shah said that in Bihar we will form a government with a majority. Amit Shah said that if Tejaswi Yadav knew the budget of Bihar, he would not have promised 10 lakh jobs. The public has not forgotten the 15 years of RJD’s rule.

Amit Shah said that today I was visiting only for BJP organizational meetings. But from the kind of environment I have seen here, I feel that the people of Bengal are in a hurry for election and bringing change. He said that more than 100 of our workers were killed and no arrests have been made, which is a major failure in the administration. Postmortem was also not allowed in many cases.

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