Pakistan is one of the world’s worst human rights : India at UN

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New Delhi : India on Wednesday rejected the criticism made by Pakistan on the human rights situation in Jammu and Kashmir at the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC). India also lashed out at Pakistan on the issue of terrorism. India bluntly said in Islamabad that Pakistan should focus on credible action to end government-sponsored terrorism. On being criticized by Pakistani Human Rights Minister Shirin Mazari in her UN address in Geneva, New Delhi described Pakistan as ‘one of the world’s worst human rights’, where non-stop discrimination and oppression of minorities continues.

Second Secretary Seema Pujani at the Permanent Mission to the United Nations responded to the speech of the Pakistani minister, opting for Right to Reply. She said that Pakistan has been continuously misusing various platforms for baseless and malicious propaganda against India and this is not new. Pujani bluntly said that Pakistan has been acting as a protector for internationally declared terrorist organizations and terrorists.

India called on the United Nations Human Rights Council to call for credible and irreversible steps to end Pakistan-sponsored terrorism and demolish the infrastructure associated with terrorists. Lashing out at Pakistan’s terrorist activities, Pujani said, “Pakistan sponsored terrorism poses a threat not only to India but also to other countries in the region. The recent acquittal of Omar Saeed Sheikh, the killer of al-Qaeda terrorist and American journalist Daniel Pearl, by the Pakistani Supreme Court is a clear example of the Pakistani establishment’s nexus with such entities.”

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