Hello… I Am Ready To Be A Call Boy, What Next…. Read To Know How Online Fraud Can Trap You

New Delhi : Reality of the beautiful social media profiles of beautiful girls of the virtual world will shock you. A similar incident happened to Vinod (fictional name) of Jaunpur district who got a call a few days ago from a profile of a girl on Facebook giving an offer to become a call boy and get a chance to earn millions of rupees.

Vinod lost his job due to lockdown, meanwhile, he received an offer from a social media account to work as a male prostitute. After thinking for two days, Vinod decided that he would accept the offer to become a call boy and thought he would earn some money. This way Vinod became a call boy but he did not get a single customer, however he also lost thousands of rupees deposited by him in the name of security amount.

This story is not only about Vinod but also many people like Vinod who came under the pretense of being a male prostitute and lost their money too. Because these fraudsters work completely digitally, one has to go to the cyber police to catch them and who would want to go to the police and tell them that I had gone to become a male prostitute and got cheated.

This entire business is being run online through social media. These social media profiles attract a lot of messages to the youth to attract them with beautiful pictures of beautiful beauties and working women. On social media, a profile request is sent to the youth by selecting profiles randomly. After this, chatting started with hi hello turns into business talk. Everyday, thousands of rupees are offered to spend nights with beautiful girls. Also, a WhatsApp number is given when the person is ready for it. Along with this, cyber thugs use women to take the youth into confidence.

Question – Hello… I am ready to be a call boy, what do I have to do next?

The lady’s answer – Oh good, you will be sent the details of the new customer, we will get a commission in the money you get from each customer. Apart from this, you have to deposit security money.

Question – Security money, what is that for?

The woman’s answer from there – that is because if you do not reach for a deal with our customer, then you will have to pay the fine.

This whole process is a business of cheating the youth to make money. Which is running on social media these days. At the same time, the fraudster gang accepts thousands of rupees in the name of security money from the youth either from Google Pay or from Paytm. After giving thousands of rupees to the respective account, that mobile number is closed or blocked.

At the same time, a young man who has been cheated, loses thousands of rupees after being ready to become a male prostitute and later he comes to know that he was cheated. In such a situation, neither the youth goes to the police nor he is able to share problems with anyone and becomes the victim of fraud in the wrong business.

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