I’ll Take Complete Responsibility If Corona Vaccine Will Have Any Side Effects, Says Dr. Fauci

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New Delhi : The worldwide coronavirus epidemic continues to wreak havoc. Due to this, the humanitarian crisis along with the economic crisis is also deepening in many countries of the world. This has affected the economy of many countries of the world including America, India, Britain. Whole world is highly hoping for the Coronavirus vaccine. In the midst of the corona epidemic crisis, its vaccine is now being searched worldwide. Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump has made a big claim about the Corona vaccine.

US President Donald Trump claims that the COVID-19 vaccine will be available to Americans before the presidential election due in November. However, experts around the world are not satisfied with this claim of Trump. They say that haste in the vaccine and tampering with the clinical trial process can cause major side-effects of the vaccine.

In a television interview, America’s Infectious Disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci was asked if he will take responsibility if the health of the citizens will be affected by tampering with the procedure of Covid-19 vaccine or reducing the phase of testing. To this, the Fauci gave a clear answer and said, ‘Yes, I am ready to take responsibility for this.’

Fauci’s statement on the vaccine is coming at a time when Trump is continuously pressurizing the Public Health Department about the vaccine just before the presidential election in November. In an interview to journalist Chris Hayes of a local channel named MSNBC on Thursday, Fauci said that he is confident that the country will get a safe and effective vaccine before the year 2020 ends.

Dr. Fauci said, ‘Some people are saying that the vaccine will come by October. I find this impossible. I think the vaccine will be available by November-December. Nevertheless, we should assume that by the end of this year, we will be able to get a safe and effective vaccine.’

Fauci also said that after the vaccine is made, it may take some more time to reach all the people. Initially some of its doses will be prepared. After this, by 2021, all people will get the vaccine. He stressed that any vaccine coming this year will be definitely safe.

However, not all experts are confident of such claims of Fauci and Trump. A former White House Coronavirus Task Force officer, Olivia Troy, quoted The Washington Post this week that she did not think a vaccine will come before the election.

Trump said in an interview that by November 3, people will get the vaccine. He has given indications of a fast track vaccine despite statements contrary to the top public health officials of his own administration. Robert Redfield, director of Central for Disease Control and Prevention, also said that the vaccine will not be enough to send all people back to a normal life in America before 2021.

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