LPG gas cylinder price hiked again, Check the latest rates

New Delhi : The price of LPG gas cylinder today once again hiked by 25 rupees. After this, the price of 14.2 kg LPG gas cylinder in the capital Delhi has now increased from Rs 794 to Rs 819.

LPG gas cylinders have been costlier by Rs 225 since December 1 in the national capital. On December 1, the price of LPG gas was increased from Rs 594 to Rs 644. After this, on January 1, it increased from Rs 644 to Rs 694. From Rs 694 to Rs 719 on 4 February and from 719 to Rs 769 on 15 February.

After this, again on 25 February, the price of LPG gas was increased by 25 rupees, after which its price rose from Rs 769 to 794. Then, after the increase in the price of 25 LPG gas by 25 rupees on March 1, now the current price of LPG gas has been increased to Rs 819. It is important to note that 12 domestic use cylinders are given on subsidy in each house by the government.

Here, in Kolkata, the price of both subsidised and commercial gas cylinders has increased. After the increase in the price of subsidised gas cylinder by Rs 25, it has now been increased to Rs 845.50, while the price of commercial gas cylinder has been increased by Rs 19.

How LPG prices are decided :
– LPG prices are determined by the exchange rate of international markets and currency.
– LPG cylinder prices change every 15 days
– The amount of subsidy also changes every month.
– When prices rise in the international market, the government gives more subsidies.
– Subsidies are cut when rates come down

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