Amazon customer eats Cow Dung Cake, Posts review that taste was horrible

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New Delhi : Have you ever thought about eating cow dung? You may find this strange, but after seeing a review going viral on social media, it seems that a person has done so. This person not only ate the Cow Dung Cake but his health also deteriorated after eating it. This person ordered the dried cow dung which is usually used for religious purposes from the online shopping site Amazon.

By reading the review of this person, which is going viral on social media, it seems that he did not use Cow Dung Cake in any kind of worship but he ate it. Not only this, after eating it, he has given his review on the site about this product. He wrote- I ate this cake, its taste is very bad.

In this review which is going viral on social media, he wrote, I ate this cake. It tastes very bad. It was grass-like and mud-like in taste. I got loose motions after that. Please be a little hygienic while preparing it. Also, pay attention to the taste and crunchiness of this product.

Many people say that the man thought Cow Dung Cake to be a real cake and ate it. This is why his health worsened.

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