Brilliant! Surat forest department makes a pencil that can grow into a plant after use

Surat : The Surat Forest Department has launched a special campaign to help children understand the importance of wildlife and the environment. The Forest Department has created a special type of pencil. The seeds of different types of plants have been planted on the edge of the pencil. So when this pencil gets too small after rubbing, it can be buried in the ground or in a pot and in two-three weeks a plant or a tree grows out of it. So that children also understand the importance of the environment and care for it.

It is said that children have a soft mind. If good ideas are brought to their minds from the beginning, they can grow up and implement them. Probably keeping this in mind, Surat District Forest Department has made a plan that, with the help of education, children should be prepared to protect the environment from childhood. Given the simple nature of children’s brains, the department teaches them how to protect the environment simply through their education.

Punit Nair, DFO, Surat Forest Department, says that the reason for the current changes in the environment is the felling of trees. People do not understand the importance of trees. So for the last one year this campaign has been started by the Forest Department. In which the forest department has made a special kind of pencil. There are different types of seeds on the edge of the pencil. So when this pencil gets too small after rubbing, it can be buried in the ground or in a pot and in two-three weeks plants or trees will grow out of it.

Regarding this, the officials of the forest department say that we have given this pencil in different government schools of Surat district. These pencils are given to teachers by schools. This will make the child aware of the environment. At the same time, children get the pleasure of planting trees or plants themselves. Apart from this we have also drawn pictures of wildlife on pencil and also written a brief introduction of them. Which will allow children to learn about wildlife. They will be able to get information and also understand its importance. During the Corona period, boxes of pencils, intended to easily encourage children to protect and nurture the environment, have been described as a way to grow trees. While on the pencil is also given pictorial information of its ayurvedic medicinal plant seeds and wild animals. With the help of this children can easily learn about wildlife and Ayurvedic medicinal plants.

Many ayurvedic plants and plant seeds including aloe vera, ginger, tulsi, fenugreek, Gurmar, ashwagandha, triphala, sweet amla have been planted at the end of the pencil, which the children can plant in a pot after the pencil gets used. Apart from this there is also an illustrated description on the green box for the children to easily understand how to plant the seeds. Full use of the pencil on the box is also given.

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