Many European countries ban international travel over new coronavirus strain discovery in UK

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New Delhi : With the discovery of new strains of Coronavirus in Britain, there has been increased concern among scientists and people, while now the same strain is spreading in other countries as well. A similar strain of virus has also been found in Italy. The Prime Minister of Britain had shared information on Saturday quoting experts that this new strain found in the country is contagious up to 60-70. So it is more dangerous than before. According to him, due to this, there has been a tremendous increase in the number of patients in hospitals. In Italy, two patients who have received a new strain of the virus, both of them had returned from London a few days ago. Both are currently kept in isolation. Following the news of the new strain of the virus, Italian Health Minister Roberto Sprenza has said that the government is taking necessary security measures as a precaution at this time.

Apart from scientists, the governments of various countries are also eyeing this new strain of virus. This is the reason why Saudi Arabia and Turkey, taking precautionary measures on it, have banned all foreign visits for a week. During this time, no aircraft will go outside the country nor will it come.

Nothing has been revealed yet about the new strain of virus found in Britain. UK PM Boris Johnson says it is yet to be known. However, experts believe that the virus can mutate in both its type and effect over a period of time. PM Johnson has feared that the way the virus is changing, whether Corona’s developed vaccine will be effective or not, nothing can be said about it. He has also made it clear that the government will also have to change its strategy regarding this.

According to Reuters, European countries have also started to close their doors for passengers coming from Britain after the information about the new train in Britain. At the same time, some other countries are thinking in this direction. According to the agency, European countries are currently considering discontinuing rail services coming from other countries. Belgium has announced that it is closing its air and ground borders as a precautionary measure. The government there has also decided to discontinue the famous Eurostar rail service between Belgium and Britain.

The Netherlands has also decided to close its borders following the news of new strains of the virus. Germany has also cancelled all airlines coming from Britain and South Africa for some time. Apart from Britain, a new strain of virus has also been found in South Africa. Meanwhile, London and Brussels have failed to make any kind of deal for the post Brexit.

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