Pakistan’s confession on Mumbai attack, agrees on funding-planning, releases names of terrorists

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New Delhi : Pakistan has finally accepted that its land was used in the Mumbai terror attack and terrorists had caused havoc from Pakistan. A list has been released by Pakistan, which includes the names of more than a dozen such terrorists, who were directly related to the 2008 Mumbai terror attack.

Pakistan’s Federal Investigation Agency has released the list of most wanted terrorists of the country, among them there are only 19 names which have been related to the Mumbai terror attack.

Many Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorists have been named in this list, including Iftikar Ali, Mohammad Amjad Khan, Mohammad Usman, Abdul Rahman and other terrorists. With this, Pakistan has confessed that the Mumbai terror attack was planned and funded from Pakistan itself.

In this list issued by Pakistan, the names of those people who bought motor boats to transport them from Karachi to Mumbai, who arranged life jackets and other items for the terrorists were also given.

On 26 November 2008, some terrorists who came by sea had carried out dreadful attacks in Mumbai, during which the terrorists had targeted the railway station, Taj Hotel and some other places.

More than 160 people died in this terrorist attack. This whole terrorist attack lasted for about three days, in which a terrorist was caught alive. The surviving terrorist Kasab was later hanged.

The evidence of the Mumbai attack has been given on several occasions from India since then, in which Pakistan’s involvement is clearly visible. But Pakistan has been denying this, but now it has confessed it.

Not only the Mumbai attack, but India has submitted evidence regarding the terrorist attack in Uri, Pulwama, Pathankot and many other places, but Pakistan has been refusing to accept its crimes.

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