Love Jihad Case : Vadodara Leader offers Rs 25 lakhs flat and a job if Ayaz converts to Hindu

Vadodara : Love jihad is the fresh discussed topic in India nowadays and many states have also imposed strict Anti Love Jihad laws. It is often seen that Hindu leaders become active whenever the Love Jihad incident comes to light. In the Nagarwada area of Vadodara, a young Muslim man converted a Brahmin girl and married her. Now matter has become a hot topic of politics in the city.

Here, one of the leaders became emotional and said that if Ayaz becomes a Hindu, I will give him a flat worth Rs 25 lakh and a job. A woman leader talked to a young woman about the problem of marrying in Muslim religion and explained her that in Muslim religions, it is permissible to marry more than one woman and what would you do if your husband married another girl six months after marrying you?

The father of a 23-year-old Brahmin girl from Nagarwada said, “I am very saddened by this incident and I have not eaten anything for five days. My health has also deteriorated. I work in a company and I found out about this incident very late. My son called and informed me about this incident. Even six months ago I gave this boy a stern warning to stop talking to my daughter. The boy is not doing any job. I met my girl at the police station on Wednesday night but could not do anything. I spoke to her on the phone on Thursday morning and I told her that I would bring you back to our house under any circumstances.”

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