Farmers Protest : SC adjourns hearing, Asks Centre to consider putting farm laws on hold

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New Delhi : The hearing in the Supreme Court regarding the farmers’ movement has now been postponed. The Supreme Court has said on Thursday that they will not take any decision without knowing the farmers’ side. In such a situation, no decision has been taken on forming a committee between the government and the farmers. However, during the hearing, the court made some stern remarks in which the demonstration was said to be the right of farmers, but this should not hurt anyone. The court also advised the government to consider keeping the farm laws on hold for some time.

During the hearing in the Supreme Court, when the petitioners demanded to remove the protesters from the road, the Chief Justice said that it is the right of the farmers to protest, in such a situation that they cannot be restricted. However, any other person does not face any problem with this right, it can be considered.

However, on behalf of the Chief Justice, it was said that there is a goal of the demonstration, which can be resolved by negotiation. This is the reason why we are talking about forming a committee, experts can be there in the committee. Till then farmers have the right to protest. The Supreme Court said in its remarks that the protest should go on, but the road should not be jammed. The police should not take any action, it is necessary to find a solution from the conversation.

During the hearing, it was said from the Supreme Court that we came to know yesterday that the government is unable to find a solution from the talks. On which the government replied in the court that the farmers want the answer in yes or no only. In such a situation, it was advised by the Supreme Court that until a committee is formed and a decision comes out of it, the government put its farm law on hold, but the AG denied it. The AG argued that if this happens, the farmers will not talk further.

Delhiites are facing trouble due to protests
On behalf of the petitioner, Harish Salve started arguments, he said that the people of Delhi are facing problems due to this demonstration. The prices of vegetables are increasing due to the closure of the road, in such a situation it is not right. People of Delhi go to work in Gurugram-Noida, which is becoming difficult for them. In further hearing, the Chief Justice said that by blocking Delhi, the people of Delhi will have to remain hungry. If there is no discussion, then the objective will not be fulfilled.

The court said that after the opinion of the farmers, they will constitute the committee, which will include experts. Now the hearing bench will hear the case. It will be heard once again next week, in which there will be a discussion on the bench and the committee.

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