Cocaine-using mother jailed for murdering her 19 month old child

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London : A ruthless woman from London who consumed cocaine (drug) poured hot water on her 19-month-old girl. The girl died after crying and suffering for an hour. In this case, the mother has been sentenced to life imprisonment.

26-year-old Katie Crowder killed Gracie Crowder by pouring hot water over her at their home in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, and then spent the next hour ‘clearing up’ before taking the youngster to her parents’ house in the same street. During the trial on the woman, the prosecutor said that it was not a natural death. The child was left in the same position for an hour to die.

The skin had burned up to 65 percent
Judge Jeremy Baker, who heard the case, said the incident was “very sad and shocking”. The judge further said that the girl must have been in a lot of pain. The judge said it was ‘not an instant death’, adding ‘it would have taken in the region of one hour for her to die’.

The judge further said that the medical report clearly shows that the girl did not die immediately, the girl endured the pain for an hour and then died. The judge said that due to injury, the fluid from the baby’s blood vessels ran out, due to which the girl’s organs stopped functioning and eventually she died.

The judge said that whatever the reason was, you should have immediately taken Gracie to the doctor, which might have saved her life, you did not take the help of your parents, who live a street away and you left your daughter to die.

The judge said that he concludes that Crowder was suffering from depression and she is mentally ill, taking into account the psychiatry report. The judge stated that Crowder had consumed a fair amount of cocaine at the time of Gracie’s death, but it has not been confirmed that Crowder had consumed the drug even before pouring hot water.

The woman was arrested from Kings Mill Hospital. However, Crowder has denied the allegations of killing the child. Crowder said that she was cleaning for her dog at the time.

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