America : Joe Biden and Pence will soon be given COVID19 vaccine

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Washington : America’s newly elected President Joe Biden and Vice President Mike Pence will soon be given COVID19 vaccine. Two officials concerned with the transfer of power in this regard said that Biden could be publicly vaccinated by next week.

Officials gave this information on the condition of anonymity due to not being authorised to give public information about the matter. The White House said Pence and his wife Karen would be publicly vaccinated on Friday.

Biden said on Tuesday that Dr. Fauci, the country’s top expert on infectious diseases, advised him to get the vaccine soon. Biden said he wanted the vaccine to be a top priority on the health front, with health workers working in the front-line and those facing the greatest danger.

However, he also underlined that by vaccinating him in public, the people will gain confidence in vaccination. Condition of Corona in America is not good. The total cases of coronavirus in the US has crossed one crore 73 lakh and so far more than three lakh people have died.

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