Google services including Gmail, YouTube, Google Docs down

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New Delhi : Several Google services and websites like YouTube, Gmail, Google Assistant, and Google Docs have been hit with a widespread outage. On Monday evening, suddenly all the apps of Google including YouTube and Gmail stopped working. After which Google started trending down on Twitter. Many people have tweeted complaints about Google’s application being down. DownDetector has confirmed the outage.  

At the time of filing this article, DownDetector showed over 9000 cases reported from users having issues accessing YouTube. Similar was reported on Gmail and YouTube. Google has not yet officially acknowledged the issue. Google’s status page for its services is reporting that none are experiencing issues.

In India, not only YouTube and Gmail, but the service of many important apps like Google Drive, Google Meet were interrupted. People are constantly sharing this information with the Google down hashtag and now, Google down and YouTube down hashtags are trending continuously on Twitter.

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