Surat businessman starts embroidery factory in Kashmir to make Kashmiris self-reliant

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Surat: Surat, which has been playing an important role in fulfilling the dream of a self-reliant India, is now taking a step towards making the people of Kashmir self-reliant. Yes… To make Kashmir self-reliant, Subhash Dawar, an embroidery machinery businessman from Surat, has started his own workshop there. In the coming days, three machines will go from Surat to Kashmir and the people of Kashmir will become self-reliant.

When Article 370 was withdrawn from Jammu and Kashmir, the idea came to the mind of embroidery machinery industrialist Subhash Dawar that embroidery machines for Kashmiris should be installed in Kashmir and local residents should be given a new opportunity of development. He has started a workshop of their company in Srinagar so that the people of Kashmir can become self-reliant by using these machines.

“The people of Kashmir traditionally do embroidery by hand,” said Subhash Dawar. There is no industrial area for this work. People do this work on a small scale from their home. With this in mind his company Alliance Embroidery has designed special machines as per the requirement of the artisans there. Which people can install in their homes. This will benefit these Kashmiri residents. With the help of which they will make a product in a day.

Subhash Dawar said that doing this work with embroidered machines dwill not only diversify the design, but also improve the performance. Also, the machinery will complete 80 percent of the work and they will be able to do 20 percent of the work by hand. So as to maintain their traditional skills as well. Machines will also increase the production of artisans and will also increase their trade.

Subhash Dawar further said that he has made a local entrepreneur from Kashmir his business partner who is working on decades old machines. He will make people aware of how they can make beneficial use of embroidery machines in Kashmir. From time to time, engineers and designers from the Surat office in Kashmir will also hold workshops in Kashmir. So that the artisans there can realize what kind of work they can do using the machine and the company will also provide them service.

Subhash Dawar also said that if he gets the support of the Indian government, he dreams of building an embroidery park in Kashmir. So as to strengthen this industry there. Machines can be made available to the artisans at concessional rates in such parks and the goods can also be exported abroad by transporting them to the country’s markets through mass industrial production. “Their aim is to connect the people of Kashmir with the mainstream of the country and to understand that we are all one and together we can move forward on the path of development,” he said.

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