Ladakh : Doppler radar to be installed, Will be easy for soldiers to fight the weather

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New Delhi : The infrastructure of the Meteorological Department is being upgraded in Leh. Doppler radar is being installed here soon. Every movement of the army will benefit from it. Along with this, 10 new weather observatories will be set up all over Ladakh. According to officials, getting accurate data from every corner will benefit in accurate forecasting of the weather.

An official of the Meteorological Department said that the meteorological department in Leh is being fully set up to accurately predict the weather in Ladakh. In this, Doppler radar will also be installed there, so that every action of the weather will be available soon. The official said that the specialty of the radar is that it can detect changes in the weather within less than half an hour.

He said that at present there are only three places in Ladakh at Leh, Kargil and Dras, but soon 10 more places will be established in the entire union territory. These include places like Janskar, Parchik, Sanku, Nyoma, Turtuk, Nobra, Pangu. Not only this, radiation, pollution and ozone units will also be set up by the Meteorological Department in Leh.

Experts say that the upgrade in infrastructure in Ladakh by the Meteorological Department will prove to be quite beneficial not only for the local people but also for the army deployed in the entire Ladakh region. In the absence of a weather forecast, many times the soldiers have to face problems, but due to the installation of all these things by the Meteorological Department, the army will provide all the information of the weather ahead of time.

X-band radars are also being installed by the Meteorological Department in Jammu and Banihal. The official said that this work will be completed in the coming few weeks in Jammu while in Banihal, it will take some time. Due to this, the farmers of Jammu will get a lot of benefits. This radar will give accurate prediction of timely rains, thunderstorms, hail, floods etc.

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