India has high expectations from these vaccines, including Oxford- COVAXIN

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New Delhi : There have been positive reports in the last few days for the world battling the Coronavirus. Trials of the corona vaccine in different countries of the world have given good signs, after which the hope of coming soon the vaccine has been awakened. In India too, preparations are being made for distribution of vaccines. The vaccine being worked on by the Oxford vaccine has given excellent results. Its trial is going on in India as well, so the expectations for India remain intact. Apart from these, trials are going on on some other vaccines as well.

Oxford University and AstraZeneca are working together on the AZD1222 vaccine. Trials on the version of this vaccine CoviShield in India is undergoing. On Monday, Oxford released a research of its own, claiming that the two doses of the vaccine on which the trial has been done are being jointly successful with 70 percent. If we talk about different doses, the success of the first dose has been recorded at 90 percent and the second dose by 62 percent.

The Serum Institute of India is working on the CoviShield vaccine in association with Oxford University. In India, this vaccine is in an advanced stage and its trial is going on about 1600 people. The Oxford dose, which has shown excellent results in the US-Brazil, if the same results come from the ongoing trials in India, then soon the vaccine work can proceed.

Which other vaccines are in progress?
In recent times, many vaccine producers in the world have claimed good results, some of which are under trial in India. Up to 90 percent of success has been reported by Pfizer-BioNtech, Moderna-NIAID and some other vaccines, although no one has yet released a scientific journal like Oxford. The vaccines undergoing trials in India include Serum Institute’s AstraZeneca, Bharat Biotech’s COVAXIN, Russia’s Sputnik, Cadila Healthcare Ltd. and Biological-E’s vaccine.

– It has been claimed by Pfizer-BioNTech that their vaccine has shown up to 95 per cent success in trials. But a much cooler environment is needed to keep the dose of the vaccine. So far, the estimated amount of this vaccine is being told as per India at Rs 1400 per dose.

– COVAXIN is also in progress by Hyderabad based Bharat Biotech. During the trial, it has shown more than 60 percent success, which can be launched in the middle of next year. Preparations are being made by the company to make about 500 million doses, which will require 2 to 8 degree temperature to store. Recently, the third trial of the co-vaccine has been completed, in which about 26 thousand people took part.

– Moderna and NIAID claim that their vaccine has shown success up to 94.5 percent, to keep this vaccine, a temperature of -20 degree is required. However, the rate of this vaccine has been fixed from $ 25 to $ 37, which will be given to the governments.

– Russia’s Sputnik V vaccine has worked with the same technology that Oxford is working on. Russia Direct Investment Fund claims that their vaccine has shown 92% success. This vaccine can be stored at temperatures up to -18 degrees, while its price may also be lower than other vaccines.

– At the same time, talking about the CoviShield of India, it can be stored in 2 to 8 degree temperature. For the government, its price will be $ 3 per dose, while for the common people, this price can go up to $ 7-8 per dose.

Significantly, the Union Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan also gave a statement about the vaccine and said that India’s vaccine is now in the final stage and they are expected to come to the market soon. The government has formed a committee to decide on how the vaccine will be used in India, how the distribution will be done. The committee will decide the priority of giving the vaccine, so that the vaccine can reach everyone. The first priority for vaccine doses in India can be given to health workers, Corona Warriors, after which the number of elderly people can come.

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