Video : Tom and Jerry are returning on big screen, fans became emotional after watching the trailer

Mumbai : In the 90s, if a child was asked what his favorite cartoon was, the answer was always Tom and Jerry. This cartoon created a different place in everyone’s heart without dialogues and only on the basis of fun tunes and animations. For many years, the show ruled the audience’s heart. Now, Tom and Jerry are returning after many years. But with a twist.

Tom and Jerry are making an entry on the big screen. A film has been made on this famous cartoon series. The trailer of the film Tom and Jerry has gone viral on social media. In the trailer, Tom and Jerry have now found a place in the real world. How Tom and Jerry adjust between humans, how both have fun, all this will be shown in the film. The entire film has been shot in New York and the location has been kept in a hotel. The story keeps a backdrop of a royal wedding and shows how Tom and Jerry have fun at this wedding.

Check the trailer here –


Fans have become emotional after watching the trailer. People are very happy to see their favorite characters in this style after a long time. But some people who have watched these cartoons very carefully, are now trying to find the same things in the film. They are also expressing their anger on social media when they didn’t find the same thing in this trailer.

Talking about this film, Chloë Grace Moretz, Michael Peña, Rob Delaney, Colin Jost are going to play important roles. This trailer is trending continuously on social media.

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