US elections : Violent protests in several cities over unknown election results

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New York : Presidential election votes are being counted in the US and Democrats’ candidate Joe Biden is on the verge of victory. If no miraculous vicissitudes occur, Joe Biden may become the next President of the United States. Meanwhile, demonstrations have started in many parts of America. Violence has also occurred in some places.

According to a New York Post report, police clashed with an unruly mob of protesters in Lower Manhattan on Wednesday night as protesters set fire to an alleyway and spit in front of an officer.

Apart from this, the clashes occurred after the arrest of 60 people protesting peacefully in Washington Square Park. Earlier, the protesters demonstrated fiercely, shouting ‘Count every vote’ slogans.

Demonstrations have also been reported in several other cities. Police said the Oregon National Guard was called to the city of Portland after Wednesday’s protests. Local officials said that a group of protesters rioted after destroying property in the lower part of the city. Violent clashes also occurred during this.

Protests continue in Portland, Orland, Philadelphia, Chicago and New York. Along with counting of votes, people are raising issues like the black movement. Police arrested 20 people in New York, Manhattan. They are accused of setting arson, throwing garbage and eggs on people during peaceful demonstrations.

More than a thousand protesters gathered at the Black Lives Matter Plaza, located just a short distance from the White House, the president’s official residence in the US, to protest against President Donald Trump. Hundreds of protesters marched through the streets of Washington, disrupting traffic and burning fireworks several times.

In America, the counting of votes for the presidential election continues. Counting has been completed in most of the states, but the electoral votes in the states where the counting is going on can change the entire result.

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