Corona vaccine promise is not violations of code of conduct : Election Commission

New Delhi : The clean chit of the Election Commission has come in response to a petition by RTI activist Saket Gokhale. In the petition, he alleged that making such a declaration of corona vaccine was a gross violation of the powers of the Central Government and an attempt to mislead the voters. That too when no policy has been decided on the vaccine.

The Election Commission took the same stand against the complaint received against the Congress’s justice plan during the Lok Sabha elections last year. Under this scheme, the minimum income per month for 25 crore people was said to be Rs 6000 or Rs 72,000 per year.

The Commission, responding to Gokhale on October 28, cited three provisions of the model code of conduct. The Commission said that the manifesto to be released for elections in the states should not contain any adverse thing which is against the constitution, should avoid making promises which violate the sanctity of the electoral process or are unfair on the voter and make an impact and must reflect the reasoning behind the promises. The reply also states that manifestos are always issued for a specific election.

In its reply to Gokhale, the Commission said, “In view of the above petition, no violation of any provision of Model Code of Conduct has been observed in this case.” Explain that the BJP’s promise last week gave the RJD, Congress and other opposition parties a chance to attack. These parties accused BJP of politicizing the epidemic and playing with the fear of the people.

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