This special tea of Assam is sold for Rs 75000 per kg, know everything about it

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Guwahati : The Guwahati Tea Auction Center (GTAC) has sold Manohari Gold Specialty Tea at a price of Rs 75,000 per kg on Thursday. Officials said that this price of this specialty tea per kg is the highest this year. GTAC has sold this tea for more than 75,000 rupees after a year gap. Guwahati Tea Auction Buyers Association (GTABA) Secretary Dinesh Bihani has informed the news agency PTI about this.

Bihani told that Vishnu Tea Company has bought this tea. Now this company will sell this tea through its e-commerce website. Dinesh Bihani said, ‘This is an important achievement amidst the coronavirus epidemic. Manohari Tea Estate had made special arrangements for the production of this tea.’

Last year, this tea was sold for 50 thousand rupees
Last year, this tea was sold for Rs 50,000 per kg. Assam’s specialty tea is famous all over the world for its special taste. The taste, aroma and color of this tea is very attractive. On August 13 last year, another special tea from Assam was sold for Rs 75,000 per kg. This tea was sold by Dikom Tea Estate. This tea is called Golden Butterfly Tea. This tea was given this name because the golden tip is used for making tea which is very soft.

Last year, two new records were made for the sale of tea in the Guwahati Tea Auction. Bihani said that the price of Orthodox Golden Tip Tea was kept at Rs 75,501 per kg. Apart from this, the price of Manohari Gold was kept at Rs 50,000 per kg.

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