America Pre-voting : Over 6.95 crore Americans have already voted before the election

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Washington : The number of ballots cast by pre-election ballots in the US has increased so much that the initial (pre) voting became more than half of the total ballots counted in 2016, a week before the scheduled date (November 3). According to data from the United States Election Project, over 69.5 million Americans have voted so far, accounting for 50.4 percent of the total ballots counted in 2016.

One thing is clear from this that American voters have rejected the opposition of President Trump to mail-voting. However, epidemics spread in the country is a major reason for pre-election mail or ballot voting.

This time, voters have already polled around 46 percent of the nationwide vote compared to 2016. Joe Biden appears to be leading due to the eagerness of Democrats in early voting. Democrats are ahead in Florida, North Carolina.

In Texas too, the advantage of the black population is in favor of the Democrats, where 73 million people have voted. Whereas in states where early voting has been slow, the chances of Trump winning are considered high. These states include Tennessee, Indiana, Louisiana, Utah and Kansas, etc. Biden can benefit in California, New Jersey, Virginia, Illinois, Hawaii, etc.

Trump supports Sikh community
The Sikh community is in his favor of Trump because of his policies to help small businesses and strengthen Indo-American relations. Darshan Singh Dhaliwal, a prominent Sikh leader and prominent businessman in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, said the reason for his efforts to strengthen ties with India and his friendship with PM Narendra Modi. While Kamala Harris is anti-India even though she is Indian.

President Trump said at a rally that the current election was in the midst of his administration’s super economic reforms and Biden’s depression. Targeting Biden, he said, “We are going to win most of the states of the country.” “This election is a choice between the Trump boom and the Biden lockdown, and we know that people are going to choose us,” Trump said.

Trump’s wife Melania entered the election campaign for the first time since the Republican convention in August. She said, My husband is a warrior in the true sense, who is still giving his full strength for the corona infected.

Melania said, I understand the pain of losing our loved ones, but it has to be known that we are fighting a war against the enemy. Trump has served the country for four years, giving him another chance.

Former President Barack Obama accused him of making the White House a hot-zone, saying Trump was jealous of Covid-19’s media coverage. Because the media make the country aware of the reality of the infection and Trump defies it. Obama said, “If Trump had acted at the right time, these matters would not have reached such a height.

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