Want to get rid of white hair? So follow these home remedies

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Mumbai : Due to busy lifestyles, people are not able to pay much attention to their body. In such a situation, they consume the wrong food which affects their body. Due to high stress, hair starts to become white even before growing age. There are many products available in the market to darken hair but home remedies are the best. We are telling you some remedies that will help to darken your hair naturally.

1- Amla (Gooseberry)
Boil the gooseberry with coconut oil. Then when this mixture becomes black, apply it on the head.

2- Coconut oil
Mix lemon juice and coconut oil together. Then apply this mixture on the head. By doing this the hair will become black and shiny.

3- Ginger
Mix 1 teaspoon of honey in a few pieces of ginger. After that apply this mixture to the hair. Hair will turn black.

4- Guava leaves
Grind the guava leaves in a grinder and make a paste. Then apply this mixture daily on the scalp. The effect will be seen within a few days.

5- Ghee
Apply fresh desi ghee on the head weekly 2 times. Will benefit a lot.

6- Onion
Applying onion juice to the scalp is very beneficial. Problem of hair-fall will be completely reduced by using onion juice. Also, baldness also gets treated.

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