Death will be ‘optional’ & ageing will be ‘curable’ by 2045 : Genetic engineers

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New Delhi : Two genetic engineers in Barcelona, during the presentation of their new book, claimed that dying after 25 years would become voluntary and ageing will be curable. Venezuela-born Jose Louis Cordero and Cambridge mathematician David Wood are founders of the ‘Symbian’ operating system.

Both of them are genetic engineers and both of them have written a book called ‘The Death of Death’. They say that staying immortal is a real and scientific possibility, which may have come much earlier than original thought. Jose Luis Cordeiro and David Wood say that around 2045 humans will die only from accidents and not from any natural cause or disease.

They say that it is unfortunate that old age is classified as a disease so that public funding for its treatment can be increased. Both of these engineers say that nanotechnology is prominent among other new genetic transformation techniques.

This process involves replacing bad genes into healthy genes, eliminating dead cells from the body, healing destroyed cells, treating stem cells and printing vital organs in 3D. Cordeiro, posted at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the US, says, “He has decided not to die and after 30 years he will be younger than today.”

Aging is the result of DNA Tales, known as telomeres, which occur in chromosomes. They have 23 pairs of cells each, except red blood and sex cells, that tend to be shorter, while telomeres have to be lengthened to prevent aging. As time passes, telomeres weaken and become damaged. This happens more rapidly when humans are victims of smoking, alcohol and air pollution. This reduces the length of telomeres and makes a person grow old rapidly.

Cordeiro and Wood believe that diseases such as cancer will begin to heal in ten years. Engineers said that although people do not know about it in general, it was discovered in 1951 how cancer cells are immortal. When Henricetta Lacks died of cervical cancer, surgeons removed and stored the tumor and it is still alive today.

In countries like Japan and Korea, if the current practice of not having children continues, then these countries will become extinct in 200 years. Cordeiro said that after 200 years there will be no Japanese and Korean communities on earth. But thanks to these new technologies, in fact Japanese and Korean people will always live and stay young.

Genetic scientists said that the cost of treatment of anti-aging will be the same as that of a new smartphone at the present time. Initially it will be expensive but after a time its cost will come down because it will benefit all the people.

Cordeiro said that when a technology is invented, it is expensive but becomes democratic over time and inexpensive after coming into the mainstream. These two engineers said that they have been using this technology illegally since two years ago.

Her first patient is Elizabeth Parris, who began to feel the signs of aging and said what treatment can be done to stop it. Wood stated that his treatment was quite risky and illegal, but no side effects of that treatment have been shown yet, and the level of telomeres in her blood is the same as it was before 20 years.

Wood ended his talk by saying- ‘I want Spain to be the place for such technologies and prove that we are not crazy. It is just such a thing that people do not know much about it yet. The book ‘Death of Death’ by both scientists will be published in four languages, which include Spanish, English, Portuguese and Korean. The earnings from its sales will also be invested in this research.

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