Trump’s trouble may increase after losing elections, can be jailed!

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Washington : The results of the American presidential election have arrived and the American people have chosen Joe Biden as their President. But, this is not just his election defeat, he may have more difficulties ahead. He can also be jailed as soon as he is removed from the post of President.

According to experts, an investigation into alleged scams during his tenure suggests that he may face a difficult financial situation in addition to criminal proceedings after stepping down from his presidency. While on the post of President, a lawsuit cannot be held against him for official work.

Bennett Gershman, a professor of Constitutional Law at Pace University, said that there is a possibility that criminal cases will be tried on Donald Trump. Professor Bennett Gershman has served as a charger in New York for a decade. Gershman said that President Trump could be charged in cases such as bank fraud, tax fraud, market laundering, electoral fraud. Whatever information related to his works is coming in the media is financial.

However, the case is not limited to just that. According to US media reports, Donald Trump may also face a huge financial deficit. These include large-scale personal loans and difficulties in their business. According to the New York Times, Trump will owe more than $ 300 million over the next four years. At a time when his private investment is not in a very good position. It may be that the creditors show very little leniency on the payment of the debt if Trump is not President.

Critics of Donald Trump say that his presidency has become his shield in his legal and financial problems. If all this does not happen then his difficulty may increase. President Trump has been claiming that he has fallen prey to the intrigues of his enemies. He has been falsely accused that he has committed crimes before becoming President and even while in office. Trump has clearly denied the allegations against him.

At the same time, he also says that he was successfully acquitted by the Justice Department’s investigation into the allegations of scams on his administration and impeachment conducted on him earlier this year. However, all these investigations and procedures took place during the protection the President received from the indictment. The Department of Justice has been repeatedly saying that criminal prosecution cannot be held against the President while in office. Experts said that these investigations can be made the basis of legal action against Donald Trump.

Bennett Gershman says that we already know he can be accused of voter fraud because Trump’s US attorney for Manhattan described Trump as an accomplice to Michael Cohen. The expert also reminds of the investigation against Donald Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen. In the year 2018, Michael Cohen was convicted for electoral malfunctions. She was accused of paying money in the 2016 elections to porn actress Stormy Daniels, who claimed to have an affair with Donald Trump.

During Michael Cohen’s investigation, it was officially reported that a presidential candidate was allegedly associated with criminal activity. The US media had associated this candidate with the name of Donald Trump. This news was dominated on a large scale in the American media. In 2019, Special Counsel Robert Muller submitted an inquiry report regarding Russia’s interference in the 2016 presidential elections. Bennett Gershman says he may also face charges of obstructing justice in view of the results of the alleged Mueller report. In 2019, Special Counsel Robert Muller submitted an inquiry report regarding Russia’s interference in the 2016 presidential elections.

In that report, Trump was given a clean chit and it was told that there was no strong evidence of any collusion between Trump’s propaganda team and Russia. However, it was definitely stated in the report that Donald Trump had made efforts to obstruct the investigation. Trump also tried to remove Mueller from his post. Mueller had said at the time that the US Parliament should decide whether to impeach Donald Trump for obstructing justice because the President cannot be prosecuted by normal means of justice. However, then Parliament did not impeach Trump, but months later, impeachment was conducted against him in a separate case.

Trump was accused of pressurizing Ukraine’s President, Volodymyr Zalenski, to launch an investigation on his political rival, Joe Biden. However, Trump has consistently denied this.

He was prosecuted in the Democratic-majority House of Representatives in December 2019, but was exonerated by the Republicans-majority Senate in February 2020. Donald Trump is the third US President to face impeachment.

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