Why do dogs run after cars & bikes? This is the scientific reason behind this

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Surat : One thing may have always come to your mind that why do dogs run after the car? It is not possible that the dogs have not chased your car and that too fast as if they will hold the whole car in their jaws and turn it back and eat the driver! Although everyone has their own arguments for this question but one of those seems to be the most accurate and a little scientifically sound.

You must have noticed one thing. Dogs usually run in the back of a car either in the early morning or late in the night. Such incidents happen very little during the day.

Actually the thing is that dogs have their own area. They often decide their area and identify everything in the area. We are all aware of dogs’ ability to sniff. Therefore, they recognize everything by smell. Not only this, you have seen dogs, they have a habit of pee on the tires of cars and bikes, when they do this, they are actually marking their area.

Suppose you live in Noida and you have an office in Delhi, in such a situation, a dog of Noida recognizes your car, but you park the car in Saket, Delhi, now in such a case, a Delhi dog will pee on your car and mark it as his area. Now when you come back to Noida, the local dog there will recognize that there is DNA of another dog in the car.

So when he barks at your car, he is actually asking you for an answer because he is possessive. Now in this situation, stop the car, drop the glass and give a minute to the dog and he will feel better!

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