‘I Don’t Not Carry The Burden Of Past’, Rajpal Yadav On Spending 3 Months In Jail

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Mumbai : Actor Rajpal Yadav has made a different place in the heart of everyone on the strength of his films. In comedy films, he has played memorable characters. But for the past few years, Rajpal Yadav has been living a very unstable life. The actor has also spent three months of his life in jail.

Now Rajpal Yadav has talked in detail about his life. He has not spoken much on the prison experience, but he has definitely said that he is always positive. During the interview to a news portal, Rajpal Yadav said – For the last 15 years I have been calm, I have never spoken anything in my defense. I do not think negatively. I do not know who is negative and who is positive. But I know my work and where there is work, there is also karma.

When Rajpal Yadav was jailed, many kinds of things were said about him. He was also trolled on social media for some time. He said this – I cannot carry the burden of old things. Let people do what they want to do. If my work is good, I will go ahead. As the sun’s rays look different every day, I am also very creative and my fans like me.

It is known that Rajpal Yadav had to go to jail due to non-payment of debt. When the actor made his debut as a director, he took help from businessman MG Aggarwal. But later the film flopped and Rajpal went into loss. When he could not return the money, the matter went to court and he was jailed for three months. Rajpal Yadav is going to be seen in the film Hungama 2.

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