What If FASTag Gets Damaged Or Stolen? Here’re All The Rules You Need To Know

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Since the FASTag was made imperative, the Central Government has been strict on the mission of FASTag on 100 percent vehicles. At the same time, your money will be safe even in case FASTag gets lost, spoiled or stolen. The new FASTag will be free and the old rupees will be transferred to the new one.

All information you want to know about FASTag
Some people have a question on how long this FASTag will last. So don’t worry, the validity of the cash kept in Fastag is unlimited. Even after five years, if the FASTag has to be changed, the money will be transferred to the new fastag. There is a question that if lost, what will happen to the money?

In case of loss, the money that gets recharged in it gets transferred in the new FASTag. There are two types of FASTag, one that is for the common people, in which a maximum of 20 thousand rupees can be recharged. At the same time, for other exporting companies or tour and travel companies, which can have a recharge of up to one lakh.

The question remains in the minds of the people, what will happen to their money if the FASTag is damaged, stolen or lost. People have a question that is the recharge of FASTag like a mobile SIM card recharge? This is not like that. The validity of the rupees in FASTag is unlimited. If the FASTag damages in any way, then you will get a new one from the same place. The company can take a second FASTag on its RC and documents of the car, which will not cost any money.

Old recharge will also get transferred to the next FASTag, which means your money is safe. Apart from this, if money is wrongly deducted from the account, then the customer care helpline of the bank should be called immediately. The helpline number is written on each FASTag. After reviewing the request put on the helpline, the money will be returned. If the vehicle is stolen, you can get the FASTag blocked by calling the bank helpline.

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