Woman Gave Birth To A Healthy Baby Boy Aboard Flight Travelling From Delhi To Bangalore

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New Delhi : On Wednesday night, a unique case of an Indigo Airlines flight going from Delhi to Bangalore came to light. A pregnant woman passenger gave birth to her baby in a flying plane during the journey. It is considered to be the first case of its kind in the country.

Indigo Airlines plane 6E122 flew from Bangalore’s Indira Gandhi International Airport in the evening to Bangalore. The pregnant woman boarding the aircraft started suffering labor pain prematurely. According to sources, the aircraft crew decided to deliver the baby in the aircraft itself, given the seriousness of the situation. The woman then gave birth to a boy.

Sources said that after the plane landed at Bangalore Airport at 7.30 pm, the mother and child were welcomed by the airport staff. Medical test of both of them were done, in which the mother and child were found to be perfectly healthy. A spokesperson for IndiGo Airlines has also confirmed delivery in the flying aircraft.

However, he denied having any further information. After getting off the plane, many passengers shared the incident on social media and shared pictures of the aircraft crew with the newborn child and highly praised them. A passenger has also posted on social media about a doctor, Shailaja Vallabhani, who was on board as a passenger and helped in the delivery of the woman.

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