Ancient Mummy Coffin Unsealed After 2500 Years In Public

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New Delhi : Recently Egyptian archaeologists opened an ancient mummy’s coffin. That too in front of the live public. According to the information, this mummy’s coffin was opened after 2500 years. According to Global News, 59 sealed sarcophagi were found earlier this year. More than a dozen of these sarcophagi opened in Saqqara in front of people. Saqqara is a huge and ancient burial ground in Egypt.

Psychedelic Art shared this video on their Twitter page. A statement was released by the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities. It said that 59 wooden coffins were discovered inside the wells buried in the archaeological area of Saqqara. Most of the wooden coffins are in good condition. It includes the bodies of Priests of Egypt, distinguished members of the community and other senior people.

A coffin was opened on Saturday. This coffin was sealed 2,500 years ago. The mummy seen inside the coffin is wrapped in ornate burial cloth. This video has received more than 11 million or 10 million views. According to National Geographic, ‘Pop culture and folklore maintain the belief that opening Mummy’s tomb leads to deaths and curses.’

Initially, 13 coffins were found in Saqqara. Three wells were discovered. Then another 14 coffins were found. So far, the total number of coffins found has risen to 59.

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