5 More Rafale In Indian Sky Soon, Will Be Brought Home In October

New Delhi : Five Rafale aircraft were included into the Indian Air Force in the first batch during a formal program on 10 September. Rafale has been deployed at Ambala Air Force Station. This aircraft has been used in Afghanistan, Libya, Mali and Iraq and will now be used in India as well. 4.5 fourth generation fighter jet Rafale will be of RB-001 to 005 series.

Now, France has handed over five more Rafale fighter aircrafts to India. It is believed that these five Rafale aircraft of the second batch will reach India in October. They will be deployed at Kalaikunda Air Force Station in West Bengal which will guard the eastern border with China.

Golden Arrow Squadron Rafale’s command
One such squadron has been brought back for deployment of Rafael at Ambala Air Force Station, which was terminated by the Airforce. The name of this squadron is 17 Golden Arrow. Last year, BS Dhanoa, the former chairman of the Air Force, brought it back and now this squadron is under the command of Rafael in Ambala. This squadron was formed on 1 October 1951. But the squadron was also disbanded in the year 2016, along with being out of the fleet of MiG-21 aircraft. Now this glorious squadron has been brought back for the most dangerous fighter aircraft Rafael.

Rafael means storm. It is produced by the French company Dassault Aviation. European missile manufacturer MBDA has announced that 36 state-of-the-art Rafale aircraft specially designed for India will be equipped with MICA, Meteor and Scalp missiles. The unmatched firepower of these missiles will dominate the Indian Air Force in the airfield.

No other example of Meteor in destroying the target without seeing it
There is no other example in the world of Meteor missiles in destroying targets without seeing them. The Meteor missile is called BVR’s Next Generation Missile (BVRAAM). The company has designed this deadly missile keeping in mind the dangers facing European countries Britain, Germany, Italy, France, Spain and Sweden.

It also means that this missile will not be with any Asian country except India. This missile, guided by advanced active radar, can penetrate all types of targets in all weather.

Long-range air-to-air  missile Scalp
Scalp is a long-range air-to-air missile. It is unmistakable in completely destroying stable and large targets on the ground. It is the best missile for pre-planned big attacks. The Scalp missile has been part of the Royal Airforce of Britain and the Air Force of France. This missile was also used in the Gulf War. Newly appointed Air Force Chief Rakesh Kumar Singh Bhadauria had said last week that it would greatly increase the strength of the Indian Air Force while fighting neighboring countries.

Air-to-air multi-mission missile MICA
MICA is an air-to-air multi-mission missile. It is the only missile in the world to feature active radar and imaging infrared, it can cover close-in dogfights for a long time and destroy targets without sighting. It is also named “Silent Killer” because of MICA’s special features.

Apart from this, there are some such features in the Rafale aircraft that India has got, which the Government of India has acquired only for its country based on the needs of the Air Force. That is, Rafale aircraft to be built later for other countries will not be equipped with those special facilities. This condition is most important in the deal between India and France. The combat capabilities that Rafale has been equipped with for particular India include Israeli helmet-mounted displays, multiple radar warning receivers, several low-band jammers, up to ten hours of flight data recording, infra-red search and tracking systems.

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