40% Of Women Gain Too Much Weight After Pregnancy, Learn Tips to Maintain Good Health

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40% Of Women Gain Too Much Weight After Pregnancy, Learn Tips to Maintain Good Health 

Mumbai : The extra weight gain during pregnancy not only makes it difficult to reduce the increased weight after delivery but it also affects the nutrition and development of your baby. Risks of High Blood Pressure, Gestational Diabetes, Prolonged Labor Pain, Increased Risk of Preterm Birth increases in children born to overweight mothers. There are also many researches which suggest that unhealthy weight gain during pregnancy can also have an impact on the health of the baby in the long run.

A woman nurtures two (or even three, if giving birth to twins) during pregnancy that means she has to take care of her nutritional intake more, she has to eat more than in the past.

Apart from this, all untimely cravings, which can be anything from sweet to carb-related, and if they are not consumed in limited quantities, weight gain is bound to increase. Although weight gain is inevitable in pregnancy, the real problem arises when you gain more weight according to your age.

How much weight gain is ideal?
The ideal weight gain for a pregnant woman depends on her age, BMI (body mass index) or pre-existing health factors. Weight gain between 11–16 kg during nine months is considered as healthy weight gain. Weight gain also depends on these factors such as whether the weight before pregnancy, whether the woman is underweight or fat or overweight.

Weight gain may vary from woman to woman. The weight of some women increases in the first three months and the weight of some increases in the following months. However, maintaining a stable weight during all these nine months is extremely important.

Tips to maintain healthy and active pregnancy –

It is very important to maintain weight and health during your pregnancy. If you feel that you have gone off-limits, or are just concerned about your health, here are some tips you can keep in mind:

– Do not believe in the concept of eating for two people during pregnancy. Eat what is necessary, and do not eat excessively.

– Hydration is important and needs to be taken care of. Drink sufficient amounts of water.

– Exercise is important during pregnancy. Keep yourself physically active. However, do this carefully.

– Do not forget regular intake of vitamins and supplements before giving birth.

– Keep in constant contact with your doctor or nutritionist, who will guide you through good and bad tips.

– Avoid any diet or fat food. Focus on getting nutrition and staying healthy.

– When you know you are craving, take everything in limited quantities.

– Pay attention to calorie intake. Avoid zero calories and instead choose those options that keep your stomach full. Eat at regular times.

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