These 4 Food Items Are ‘Must Add’ In Your Daily Diet To Give A Boost To Your Immunity

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Mumbai: People with weak immunity easily fall prey to the virus. In COVID situation, there is a need to take special care of food and drink to increase the immunity of the body. Most of the people who are vulnerable to the Coronavirus are also the one whose immunity system is weak, which is commonly seen in children and the elderly.

If you want to improve your immune system to be healthy, then your plate should be filled with colorful fruits and vegetables every day. The risk of coronavirus is not yet over, so it is very important to take precaution. It is very important to keep your immune system correct while taking all other precautions.
Here’re the foods which will help to increase the immunity power –
It contains allicin, which combats infections and bacteria. Research has found that those who consume garlic regularly are not susceptible to colds. Research has also shown that those who eat more than 6 cloves of garlic in a week have a 30 percent lower risk of colorectal cancer and 50 percent lower risk of stomach cancer.

Quantity – 2 cloves of garlic a day and a vegetable made from it several times a week

Mushrooms are a boon of nature for strengthening the immune system. Mushroom increases and activates white blood cells. White blood cells are most important for good immunity and to fight against any disease. Both glucan and beta are found in mushrooms, which increase the body’s immunity. Shiitake and Reishi in mushrooms have the highest immunity elements and antioxidants.

Sweet Potato
Vitamin A is needed to make your skin healthy and strong. Vitamin A is found in sufficient quantities in sweet potatoes. The best way to get vitamin A in the body is to include things like beta carotene in your diet which is available in sweet potato. Beta carotene gets converted into vitamin A in our body.

Quantity – Half Cup Serving

They contain selenium. Selenium is very high especially in oysters, lobster and crab, with the help of selenium, white blood cells in the blood form a protein called cytokines, which boosts the immunity in the body to protect against flu viruses. Salmon contains omega 3 fats, which reduces irritation, helps protect the lungs from cold and respiratory infections.

Quantity – Two Servings A Week

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