US military plans to set up Military Factories on moon

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New Delhi : All the countries of the world are trying to make their place on the moon. The US Army, considered the most powerful on earth, is preparing to build a military factory and other giant buildings on the moon. Its aim is to become powerful in space itself.

America’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has created a new project for this. Commercial space companies will be helped to prepare a base to increase military strength on the lunar surface.

DARPA has prepared Novel Orbital and Moon Manufacturing, Material and Mass Efficient Design (NOM4D) for this, which will build military factories and other building structures on the moon.

Bill Carter, program manager at the DARPA Defense Science Office, says that NOM4D aims to create a framework on the moon that promotes military strength in the space world and is equipped with all kinds of facilities.

Setting up a place on the moon is also a big challenge
Bill Carter says that we are waiting for the proponents who can build an infrastructure equipped with modern facilities for the army on the moon instead of the earth.

In this, they will also have to take special care of maneuvers, eclipses, moon environment and specific cycles of space so that there is no problem in emergency. It is a challenging task to build a military base on the moon, because everything is dependent on technology here.

The future will be determined by the Artemis mission of 2024
NASA wants to build a permanent base for humans on the moon in 2024 under the Artemis mission. It is being said that if they are successful in this program, then their next attempt is to use the water and other resources on the lunar surface.

DARPA aims to create a military base on the moon by 2030. Under this, the first is to activate modern types of robots on the moon with the launch of military satellites. The US military is already working with the US space agency NASA to build a military base camp on the moon.

Base camp will be built on scientific basis
The proposed military base camp on the moon will be prepared on a purely scientific basis. This can include the production of energy through solar rays, radio frequencies, antennae and long-wave infrared telescopes capable of long-range viewing.

According to experts, the US military is taking these steps to strengthen itself in space.

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