Many people involved in Capitol Hill violence are being identified and losing their jobs

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Washington : The attack on US President Donald Trump’s supporters on Capitol Hill in Washington DC shook the world. Trump’s provocative crowd entered the Parliament House and made it a dark day of US history for forever. Those involved in the US Capitol Hill violence are now being fired by their workplaces.

Pictures of people involved in the violence have started circulating online. With this, companies are taking action against such people after their identity is confirmed. According to a CNN report, Navistar, a Maryland company, announced it had fired one of its employees because he was involved in capital violence. The company decided to remove him after his picture with the company’s ID went viral on social media. He was seen standing in the most famous picture in capital violence.

Similarly, a teacher has been removed from a school. A teacher at Allentown School in Pennsylvania has been temporarily removed from school following allegations of involvement in the violence. Action will be taken against her after completion of investigation. Paul Davis, a Texas lawyer, is also fired by his company Goosehead Insurance.

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