Twitter, FB and Instagram accounts of Donald Trump locked after US Capitol violence

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Washington : Social media giants Twitter, Facebook and Instagram have locked Donald Trump’s accounts after the violence of Trump supporters in the US Capitol. Twitter has locked Trump’s account for 12 hours but has also warned that if Trump continues tweeting inciting violence, his account will remain closed forever.

Twitter has also asked Trump to delete three tweets that are being cited as the main reason for the violence.

At the same time, Trump’s pages on Facebook and its proprietary Instagram have also been blocked for 24 hours. Facebook said, “This is an emergency and we are taking appropriate steps including removing Trump’s videos from the platform.”

In Trump’s video that was removed from social media platforms, Trump had accused of rigging the US elections and expressed sympathy for the mob that carried out the violence on the US Capitol campus.

However, YouTube has not yet announced any action regarding Trump.

Supporters of US President Donald Trump stormed into the US Capitol on Wednesday, in which a woman was killed. When violent crowds entered the US Capitol premises, the MPs were rescued and evicted from here. The mayor of Washington DC announced a curfew in the capital. In his speech, Trump, who accused the rigging in electoral voting, asked his supporters to live peacefully after the violence erupted.

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